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#Bottlecap Challenge by Tisha Alyn

An Instagram notification buzzed through on July 12, 2019, that led to one of the coolest videos we’ve seen all year. Tisha Alyn, a ladies pro golfer, put her spin on the trending #bottlecapchallenge by tossing a playing card across the room toward a Kerr Cellars wine bottle. The card spun masterfully as it popped the cork right off the top of the Kerr Cellars 2016 Reserve.


“Not ‘suited’ to kick – so here’s my #bottlecapchallenge”

In a comment, Tisha said, “I just dig her [Cristie Kerr’s] wine.” Well, Tisha, we dig you too!

We asked Tisha how she perfected this party trick. Tisha says “I thought I’d add my own flare using her bottle. Let me tell ya, it took all my patience!”

Tisha told us “I saved the wine for a special occasion and it did just the trick! I love the slight peppery touch and you can taste the quality.” We couldn’t be more thrilled that the talented golfer and party trickster loves our wines! And we can’t wait for the next trick she has up her sleeve.